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Urine Bag (Faucet)

Urine Bag (Faucet)

Product Description

A urine bag or collector is a medical device that is connected to an indwelling catheter. It is a drainage system comprised of tubing, connectors, an emptying system and mechanical supports; it also includes a means to prevent urine backflow.

AWA Med’s non-sterile urine bag is to fit incontinence condom, gastric tube having an outlet which permits the bag to be emptied without disconnecting. Volume is measurable.

Fitted with a non-return valve.

Other Details

  • The non-return valve is located inside the urine collector bag at the upper part or urine entry point and prevents urine backflow into the indwelling urinary catheter.
  • Non-return valve plus drainage valve allows maintenance of sterility inside the reservoir bag.
  • Outlet tube is fitted with a drain valve.
  • An outlet tube with a drain valve permits the bag to be emptied while limiting unnecessary handlings; thus, reducing infection risks. It is also more economical.


  • Premium quality raw materials used
  • Protection against infection
  • Urine bags are designed to collect urine in an effective manner.
  • These are made using best quality PVC sheeting, which helps in retaining a high level of hygiene.
  • Our clinical grade products can be used in close system drainage areas and are even provided with a printed and easy to read scale.

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